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I’m Sean Biggins, NMLS: 448009, Loan Officer with PrimeLending, a national mortgage lender making the home loan process simple. I'm a 30 year industry Veteran with clients in 23 states. I've provided financing of all types to thousands of financially diverse clients. Whether you're buying your first home or your multi-million dollar dream vacation home on the beach, I'm here to assist you regardless of your scenario.

PrimeLending is a National Lender with a diverse product offering. Some of these products include:
• Very competitive Jumbo programs & pricing
o 10% down Jumbo financing for primary residence to $1,000,000
o Asset dissipation
o Jumbo renovation
o Jumbo investment loans
o Higher debt ratios with lower credit scores
o Jumbo Pool Escrow – great house but no pool….no problem. We’ll escrow for up to $150,000 or 10% of the appraisal for a new pool.
o Multiple Jumbo investors for greater ability to accommodate unique scenarios
• Construction loans
• Extended Rate Locks for New Construction - up to 9 months with a Free Float Down option
• Conventional renovation loans & pool escrow (owner occupied, second homes and investor)
• Low down payment conventional loans (less than 5%, all gift, no income limits)
• Escrow for repairs (up to $2500, no questions asked)
• Foreign National financing up to 60%
• FREE FLOAT DOWNS! If the rate the borrower locked in at declines between the 20th and the 4th day prior to closing, we will lower the rate at no cost to the client.
• And more…

About Sebastian James

Sebastian Is a 5th generation native Hilton Head Islander. His great-grandmother Adrianna Holmes-Ford was a midwife and a healer before the island had a bridge in the 1930s. Sebastian and his parents currently live on Adrianna Lane, land which was given to them by "Miz Adrianna" for her part in helping the isolated native Gullah community trust western medicine & help raise the "churn" of the Island. Sebastian is instilled with her gumption, thoughtful mindset, and gregariousness. He is a graduate of Hilton Head High School and acquired his bachelor's degree in business from the University of South Carolina Beaufort. He is well known by his low country community and knows all the ins and outs of being a local. In his free time, Sebastian enjoys playing golf, fishing, carpentry, and taking his dogs to the beach. Sebastian is your go-to Realtor® for finding people the specific lifestyle they are pursuing.

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